The Winter Soldier isn’t empty. His mind is all over the place.


when ur friend starts liking something u rly like


What does steak taste like again? I had it once but I can’t remember.


A simple guide to know what the hell you are.


Snowpiercer // Characters [1/8] Curtis Everett

"How can I lead if I have two good arms?"

i can remember her face, every once in a while. but it’s not clear.


Le Dragon Noir

A parody of course of the famous "Le Chat Noir" poster by Theophile Steinlen.

Will be available as a poster at Anime Expo! You can also purchase it online in my storenvy HERE.

I’m pretty sure this has been done before… I don’t care I’m doing it anyway cuz TOOTHLESS *dies of cuteness* (watch HTTYD2. DO IT. Do it NOW.) I’m also sorry if I butchered any French (THANKS teechew for correcting me so grateful aaaah) or the Viking symbols.


dj roomba is literally the greatest thing thats ever happened to me


this is my uncle steve when he was my age he was the lead in a large polynesian gang and lived a rough life but he also has a strong passionate love for beyonce to the point he has it tattooed on his chest and named his second daughter beyonce

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